Photopolymer Plates

Digital MCH  

digital mch sma new 60 durometer, hard capped plate for those printers

seeking the best of high-end, full-color process printing.





LUX In-the-Plate (ITP) is a game changing new technology

exclusively from Macdermid that provides all the benefits

of Lux flat-top dots, but with the convenience of receiving

them already in the plate. lux itp sm



Digital UVR


new UV ink resistant plate, designed to swell less than other digital uvr sm

commercial plates in aggressive UV inks, providing a longer plate lifetime and more consistent print. 

Digital MAX


is the newest digital sheet photopolymer processed either in 

digital maxb

solvent or thermally.

Digital MAX C   

a plate designed specifically for coating and varnishing maxc sm

Digital MGC  

is the digital sheet photopolymer to address all direct print

product dmgc md

corrugated board requirements.

Digital MVP


can be processed in solvent systems or thermally in

MacDermid’s LAVA mvp b

Digital RAVE  

plates are the harder, digitally imaged photopolymer plates

with a high durometer.md105368 rave


our premier capped photopolymer plate, meets the special

epic plate new thumb

needs of high resolution process color printing.



is the newest and best performing hard, analog sheet 


photopolymer plate from MacDermid.



plate is the latest entry into the corrugated marketplace.mgc plate 60x50



mvpis the newest medium durometer, analog sheet plate.

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