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 As one of the world’s leading suppliers of plate mounting tapes, Lohmann understand what is needed in flexography today: customized solutions that meet the individual needs of our diverse customers. The answer is DuploFLEX®.


With our premium brand we offer superior plate mounting tape solutions for printing requiring .015" / 0.38 mm mounting tapes. To name a few examples: our DuploFLEX® 3 and 4 ranges include a wide selection of mounting tapes with various degrees of foam hardness and adhesive properties which meet the most varied flexographic printing tasks. Do you have very special demands? No problem. We are experts in customizing and – on request - can develop a custom-made mounting tape solution for you.




Offering value-added solutions for all flexographic printing applications tesa has a comprehensive range of flexographic platemounting tapes that meet all of the different requirements faced in flexo printing applications. Whether you are mounting directly onto the printing cylinder, sleeves, or plastic sheets, tesa has the right product for your particular needs.




Jalema Filing Systems for all graphic arts applications. Acid free for film and negatives, pockets for plates and proofs, and "visual" classification for fast retrieval of archived work.


BetaFlex Pro Flexo Plate Analyzer

 The BetaFlex Pro Flexo Plate & Image Analysis system provides the most accurate and consistent measurements for HD Flexo (3D Dot Structure Mode), extreme highlights (2D Mode), stochastic screening, and more. All the most sophisticated prepress techniques can b measured and controlled with ease and accuracy.

- Measure flexo plates, films, digital masks, Offset and Letterpress in conventional 2D mode

- Dot Structure Analysis in 3D mode reveals dot height, slope, and more

- Automatic 4 point calibration system with ISO-compliant target

- Mask Stain density function for laser abliation setup

- Image Overlay and Comparison function to visualize and measure dot changes

- Print Mode and Color Separation Mode analyzes print area % with or without target



Tower Products

Tower is the right choice for all your flexographic pressroom chemistry needs. From patented low VOC washes to world class technology solutions, we manufacture a complete line of products to meet every printing requirement, all at competitive prices.


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